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WI-FI Instructions

  • Connect to: McClellan Guests
  • Voucher/Passcode: N/A
  • Tracks

  • Track Prompts can be found here.
  • Excel Sheet for E-Sports Track can be found here.
  • Submssion Instructions

  • Open HackerEarth.
  • If you have not registered with Hackerearth, register now at that link
  • Hit Submission on the right side of the screen
  • Fill out the appropriate sections
  • In Project Description state IF you are doing a live demo
  • In Project Description state which track (if any), and ONE other special category you are competing in
  • Every demo will automatically be competeing for Top 3
  • Upload your files and submit
  • MAP


    1 PM Hacker Basics Workshop Learn to code with HTML/CSS and JavaScript and make it live on Github.
    2:15 PM Design Thinking Workshop Utilize this solutions-based design approach to creatively brainstorm, ideate, and rapid prototype new ideas.
    3:30 PM Blockchain Workshop sponsored by XYO Blockchain Learn about blockchain from XYO Blockchain!
    4:45 PM Cryptocurrency with GXXD Pay Learn about GXXD Pay!
    6 PM Google Cloud Platform Workshop Learn how to use the GCP API!
    7:15 PM Connect My Car: OAuth2 Workshop with Smartcar's CTO Want to know how to quickly and securely connect your car to any application? Come to Smartcar’s session on OAuth2 with Smartcar’s CTO, Sanketh Katta, to learn more!
    8:30 PM React Router Workshop Learn the basics of React Router.
    11 PM Game Development Workshop Learn about game development.

    Tracks Prizes

    • Esports Track: King's Tickets
    • Social Media Track: King's Tickets
    • Analytics Track: King's Tickets
    • Blockchain Track: XYO Geo Mining Tickets
    • Game Dev Track: Tour, EA Game, Swag Items

    Overall Hack Prizes

    • Overall Best: MLH Medal, Prize by the Kings, (x1) $400 Amazon Card
    • 2nd Overall Best: MLH Medal, Prize by the Kings, (x1) $300 Amazon Card
    • 3rd Overall Best: MLH Medal, Prize by the Kings, (x1) $200 Amazon Card
    • All Winning Teams: One Year Wolfram Alpha Pro | Personal Use
    • Best Domain Name: (x1) $200 Amazon Gift Card
    • Best First Hack: Makey Makey Kits + JetBrains Subscription
    • Best UI/UX: Sketch Subscription
    • Best Use of Visual Design: $25 Dollar Amazon Gift Cards + Design Notebook
    • Best Team Branding: $25 Dollar Amazon Gift Cards + Design Pens
    • Best Smartcar Tesla Hack: Google Home
    • Best GCP Hack: Google Home Minis
    • Best Hack - Digital Ocean: $125 - $500 API Credit
    • Best Hardware Hack: Arduino Starter Kits


    8 AM Check In Sign in! Check in at the main entrance of the McClellan Conference Center.
    9 AM Opening Ceremony Hear from the CTO of the Sacramento Kings!
    9:45 AM Tracks Pre-event By Sacramento Kings and XYO Blockchain.
    10:30 AM Hacking Begins + Team Mixer Start building! If you don't yet have a team, attend the mixer to find teammates!
    12 PM Lunch Amazing tacos from Kmemo Tacobar Catering!
    6 PM Dinner Yummy food from Hefty Gyros!
    8 PM MLH Cup Stacking Let's see how well you stack up against other hackers!
    10 PM Leonid Meteor Shower Break Let's watch this once-a-year meteor shower together while we break!
    12 AM Midnight snack Pizza from Domino's! Also snacks are stocked!
    8 AM Breakfast Donuts and coffee. Yay.
    10 AM Submission Deadline Submit your projects. Don't worry, you can still work on it as long as you've submitted it!
    11 AM Hacking Ends! Congratulations!! You've survived!!
    11 AM Lunch Exceptional food from World Fare!
    12 PM Demos and Judging Show off the cool projects you've hacked!!
    2 PM Closing Ceremony Let's close and conquer!
    3 PM Hackathon ends “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” – Winnie The Pooh



    • Amazon Echo
    • Fitbit Ionic
    • Arduino Uno
    • NodeMCU
    • Breadboard & Wires
    • Servos
    • LEDs
    • LCD Displays
    • Buttons, Switches, Resistors
    • Oculus Rift
    • Samsung Gear VR
    • DragonBoard 410C
    • Thermostat Sensor
    • Relays(5VDC)
    • Potentiometer
    • Mosfets
    • High-Power LEDs (3 Wats)
    • RFID Readers and Tags


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